My Thoughts on The Imitation Game


EngagedĀ from the very first scene! Benedict Cumberbatch owns this film! His portrayal of Alan Turing is just mesmerizing! The whole film is based around Alan Turing’s life during boarding school, his life breaking the enigma code and what happens after the war. The film is very well paced/executed and I was invested till the very end. The whole cast is phenomenal but, Cumberbatch steals the show! The story is so riveting, you never have a dull moment. The soundtrack is teriffic and the cinematography is great! Towards the end of this film, I was in awe of what Alan Turing had accomplished and the numerous challenges he had to face. Overall, this is a very well done bio-pic! I highly recommend you see this film when you have the chance! This is an Oscar contender, no doubt!