My thoughts on It Follows



“One of the best horror flicks of the year”

The film had a very simple premise (person is being followed by an entity after a sexual encounter) yet it was so engrossing and tense. The acting in this movie is phenomenal, especially Maika Monroe as the main character, Jay. All the characters did a great job. The acting wasn’t too over-the-top like in most horror films now-a-days. It felt natural and real and the characters were quite interesting.


The soundtrack was phenomenal! The soundtrack is very haunting and along with the gorgeous cinematography it created an incredible eerie atmosphere. I also really liked the pacing of the film.  There are some jump scares throughout the film but they work and they are not just there for the sake of it (for cheap scares).


it-follows-4000x2000-best-movies-of-2015-maika-monroe-6412 (1)

In conclusion, “It Follows” is one of my favourite horror films of all time! It hit all the right notes! Chilling cinematography, a bone-chilling soundtrack, and great performances especially by Maika Monroe! I highly recommend you check this one out!

Rating – ★★★★


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