My thoughts on Black Mass


“A fun ride”

Scott Cooper’s cream of the crop! Depp truly delivered in this film showing how Whitey Bulger (most infamous violent criminal in boston) unleashes his power and becomes a monster to be feared by all!

I really enjoyed this movie but it isn’t perfect. The cinematography is stunning! The soundtrack is great! The way the city of Boston was portrayed really showed how bleak and dangerous the city was at that time. In terms of the negative aspects, I think that the film is too slow at times and some characters were under utilized (Cumberbatch’s character and Joel Edgerton’s).

Now in terms of the acting, everyone I think did phenomenal! Johnny Depp’s portrayel as James “Whitey” Bulger is frightening and disturbing! Depp give’s one of his best performance’s of his career and really shows his versatility as an actor in this role. Amongst the supporting cast, everyone gave a fantastic performance but the highlight for me was Joel Edgerton. Joel Edgerton as John Connolly was astounding! He may have stole the show over Depp.

In conclusion, ‘Black Mass’ is a good crime drama! It has its flaws but none the less I think you will have a great time. It’s a fun ride but with some bumps along the way.

Rating – ★★★½

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