My thoughts on The Martian



If you like the science fiction genre, this is the movie for you. The Martian is about a manned mission to Mars in which Mark Watney (Matt Damon) is presumed dead after a fierce storm and left behind his crew. But Watney survives and finds himself stranded/alone on Mars. With only limited supplies, he must try and survive.

The script is brilliant. Without a good script, this movie I think wouldn’t have hit home the way it did. Drew Goddard made the film interesting, intelligent and hilarious. There are many scientific ideas in the movie that are actually logical and not bogus. Unlike other Sci-Fi movies, everything felt realistic. You believe all the stuff that happens and what Watney does in order to survive. The Martian is also very funny. There are several jokes throughout the film that make you laugh out loud. This movie could have been very boring, it’s a man on Mars, a planet with literally nothing but rock and sand. But, with Goddards script and Matt Damon’s performance, there’s not a dull moment.

In terms of the acting, everyone delivered especially Matt Damon as Mark Watney. Damon demonstrates his comedic chops and his dramatic acting capabilities. It takes a great performance to pull of a role of this calibur. Damon owns this role and transforms into his character. The supporting cast was awesome as well.

The cinematography and set designs were mesmerizing. The soundtrack I thought was wonderful and really meshed well with what was happening on screen. The Martian also suprisingly had a message “Don’t give up.” The story of a man being able to find humor in such a dire place knowing he could die if he makes one mistake. His perseverence and willpower to overcome not dieing on Mars and surviving was really inspiring to watch.

In conclusion, The Martian is one of the best Sci-Fi movies in years! Everything about this film is top-notch. The runtime is about 140 minutes and it goes by quickly. The pacing is on point and there are several scenes where your dieing of laughter or on the edge of your seat. The only thing I can think of that was bad is the runtime of the movie. Although the 140 minutes felt really quick to me, some people might think it’s slow at times. Alright to wrap this all up, The Martian is really incredible and it delivers all across the board! Do yourself a favour and watch this movie. You will laugh and will have a damn great time!

Rating –  ★★★★


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