My thoughts on The Witch


“One of the best horrors this year!”

I absolutely adored this film! Going into this movie, I heard nothing but great things and rightfully so! It deserves all the attention its getting because its phenomenal! Anyways,  the story is simple. A family living in a small farm in New England in the 1600s is torn apart. I felt very uneasy as I was watching “The Witch” and I was never bored. Pacing wise, I really enjoyed it being slow. It’s a slow burn horror, and it’s fun. Some might not like the slow pace but I think it fits and the movie gives you just enough to be satisfied. I was glued the whole time so it didn’t really concern me.

Along with a very intriguing story, the film also had an incredible haunting score, beautiful cinematography, and fantastic performances, especially from Anya Taylor Joy (Thomasin) and  Ralph Ineson (William). All of this combined together creates a fantastic horror film that is incredibly tense and one that will make you squirm in your seat. I thoroughly enjoyed this film and I encourage you to check this one out! Unlike many horrors movies that are released today, “The Witch” is genuinely creepy! It’s very unsettling and disturbing and fun!

Rating – ★★★★



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