My thoughts on Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice


“Good, not Great”

Alright, so from the beginning of the movie I am absolutely hooked but then the story goes all over the place, it becomes a big mess. Throughout watching the movie I began to realize the flaws and the problems BvS has. Before I go more in depth about my flaws with the movie I’ll tell you about the positive stuff, “the great moments.” Ben Afleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman was great!  Jeremy Irons as Alfred was fantastic! Gal Gadot did a wonderful job as Wonder Woman! Like most of Snyder’s films, they are a treat for our eyes. The action sequences are fantastic and really well choreographed. Cinematography was gorgeous as expected. I dig the soundtrack, especially the score for Wonder-Woman. I thought every scene with Batfleck was phenomenal.


Okay, time for the flaws. There were way too many storylines taking place which resulted in some storylines not getting enough screen time to be well developed and interesting. The way the movie was edited felt really weird and clunky to me. The pace of the movie did not flow well. Another thing I didn’t like was some of the dialogue. Eisenberg was too goofy and did not feel like a real character at all. I also think that some of Henry Cavill’s and Amy Adam’s lines were pretty bad and super cheesy but they did the best with what they were given. Overall, lots of script issues that really affect scenarios and moments in the movie, such as some of the character’s motivations not being fleshed out enough.

bvs3.jpgIn conclusion, is Batman V Superman a great movie? No. Is it a terrible movie? No.  It’s simply “okay.” Batman V Superman could have been so much better if they didn’t try to shoehorn so many things in it. Overall, I enjoyed Batman V Superman despite its many flaws. It was fun. I have high hopes for the DC universe. You should watch this but don’t go in with too high expectations. It could have been way better but it’s still worth yout time.

Rating – ★★★


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