My thoughts on Like Crazy


“Fantastic & Beautiful”

The plot of the film is about a British student, Anna (Felicity Jones) who falls in love with an American student, Jacob (Anton Yelchin). They fall in love for each other and spend months together, but Anna violates her student visa overstaying in the U.S., and when she tries to return to L.A., she is denied.

I really enjoyed and loved this film. The performances from Anton and Felicity are terrific and very powerful. In terms of the dialogue, most of it was improvised by the actors themselves, which I really liked since it really added to the realism to the relationship between Anton and Felicity and the realism of the film.

One of the best things about “Like Crazy” is that it felt real and that I could really relate and understand  the decisions the characters had to make. The film accurately depicts what a couple would go through and the challenges of being in a long distance relationship and in a relationship in general. Unlike many other romantic films, “Like Crazy” doesn’t sugercoat and glamorize anything. “Like Crazy” is an honest love story about two people who truly love each other.

LC-00834Overall, I think “Like Crazy” is great! I was very emotionally invested in the characters and the story. The music and cinematography are also superb! I would highly recommend you to watch this if you love romance movies.

Rating –  ★★★★

Rest In Peace,  Anton Yelchin.

A phenomenal actor and person gone way too soon.









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