My thoughts on Hacksaw Ridge


“Thoroughly Superb”

I usually don’t get emotional when I watch films, but I literally had tears streaming down my face all throughout “Hacksaw Ridge.” The film had me go through a series of emotions such as anger, fear, and sadness. The battle sequences are very well crafted and just absolutely stunning! The impeccable cinematography made you feel the intensity of the battle and the eerie atmosphere of Okinawa.
hacksaw4 Every soldier, whether friend or foe was disposable. With this in mind, while watching the action sequences, I was genuinely afraid and scared for every soldier that was on screen at any given moment. The way the action was directed was perfect (thank you Mel). It was relentless bloody chaos from both sides, and it was brutal to watch but it was necessary in order to show the true horror of war, the loss of human life in a blink of an eye. The film did not glorify war whatsoever. hacksaw5In terms of the acting performances, the whole cast did a terrific job and the stand-outs are Andrew Garfield playing Desmond Doss, and Hugo Weaving playing the father, Tom Doss. I was a bit worried about Vince Vaughn but he killed it every time he was on screen as Sergeant Howell. In conclusion, “Hacksaw Ridge” is one of the best films of the year. It’s directed to perfection, thanks to Mel Gibson and is beautifully shot, and filled with great performances all around, and a fantastic riveting story. Watch it!

Rating – ★★★★★


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