Widows Review


From the very start McQueen pulls you in and never lets go. McQueen puts you on a roller-coaster that’s relentless and heart-pumping. Widows isn’t like McQueen’s previous films, but it still retains its merits. Widows is perfectly paced, with carefully layered themes/messages, and characters. It’s not emotionally taxing like 12 Years/Shame but it still crawls into your emotions in terms of how anxious he makes you/your heart race.

The story is about a bunch of widows who try to get by/move on and with the solution being, taking up their deceased husbands future heist. The story is complex and being that the screenplay is co-written by McQueen and Gillian Flynn (Gone Girl, Sharp Objects) has brilliant and very interesting characters. Veronica (Viola Davis) really steals the show along with Alice (Elizabeth Debicki). In fact, the whole entire cast give terrific performances and even  Linda (Michelle Rodriguez) whom I had second thoughts about gave a really strong performance.

With McQueen working with his long-time cinematographer (Sean Bobbitt) you can expect the film to be brilliantly well shot and this being a thriller, shot in a way that completely puts you in the characters shoes/environment. There’s a few sequences that I won’t spoil that is just absolutely astonishing and down right jaw-dropping.

In conclusion, Widows is crafted to absolute perfection, much like McQueen’s previous films. With all the characters having depth and every cast member giving incredible performances, along with a very intriguing story, great cinematography and lastly
a great score by Hans Zimmer, Widows is simply incredible. It’s thrilling, sad, gripping and most of all, fun.

Rating – ★★★★½

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