WAVES Review


I don’t want to write too much about this because its something y’all just need to experience and see for yourself but here goes. I’ll keep it really short.

It’s intoxicating, heartbreaking, bold, and raw. Feature’s powerhouse performances from the entire cast and gorgeous cinematography. The camerawork is pure ecstasy and also deliberate (you’ll get what I mean once you see it). Gave me Malick vibes and a wonderful score by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. The soundtrack features so many artists from Frank Ocean, Kanye West, Radiohead, Animal Collective, SZA and more. 

Trey Edward Shults puts his heart and soul into this and it shows. Everything is crafted so elegantly. Some will stay that its style over substance and that the music is too much but it just all clicked and worked for me.

WAVES is cinema at its finest – painted to perfection by Shults that’s full of pure raw emotion. An amazing crescendo of visceral film-making.

It’s 🌊ey.

Rating – ★★★★★ 

PS: “WAVES” is in my favourite films of all time list.  Click for list


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