My thoughts on Manchester By The Sea




I did not cry while watching this film like most people did but I did tear up a bit. It’s a very well done film and its emotional pull isn’t forced or manipulative. It’s a story about a man dealing with depression. I don’t really know what else to say without spoiling anything but the film is stellar and it has real characters dealing with real situations. It’s fantastically written and although the film is very sad, emotionally draining, and heart-wrenching, there are surprisingly a lot of funny moments throughout the film.
MANCHESTERBYTHESEAExclusive_MichelleWilliamsandCaseyAffleck_Cred1471628165.jpgOne of the things I absolutely adored about this film was the performance by Casey Affleck. There are numerous scenes in the film that involve his character that just floored me. The whole cast delivered great performances with the standout being Casey. Casey delivers one of the best performances of the year as a man haunted by his past trying to confront it. Overall, the film is brilliantly written, directed, and acted. It’s a solid film that I highly recommend you watch. I think Manchester By The Sea will definitely be getting some Oscar nominations such as Best Actor for Casey Affleck, Best Director, Best Supporting Actress for Michelle Williams, and Best Picture.

Rating – ★★★★


My thoughts on Hacksaw Ridge


“Thoroughly Superb”

I usually don’t get emotional when I watch films, but I literally had tears streaming down my face all throughout “Hacksaw Ridge.” The film had me go through a series of emotions such as anger, fear, and sadness. The battle sequences are very well crafted and just absolutely stunning! The impeccable cinematography made you feel the intensity of the battle and the eerie atmosphere of Okinawa.
hacksaw4 Every soldier, whether friend or foe was disposable. With this in mind, while watching the action sequences, I was genuinely afraid and scared for every soldier that was on screen at any given moment. The way the action was directed was perfect (thank you Mel). It was relentless bloody chaos from both sides, and it was brutal to watch but it was necessary in order to show the true horror of war, the loss of human life in a blink of an eye. The film did not glorify war whatsoever. hacksaw5In terms of the acting performances, the whole cast did a terrific job and the stand-outs are Andrew Garfield playing Desmond Doss, and Hugo Weaving playing the father, Tom Doss. I was a bit worried about Vince Vaughn but he killed it every time he was on screen as Sergeant Howell. In conclusion, “Hacksaw Ridge” is one of the best films of the year. It’s directed to perfection, thanks to Mel Gibson and is beautifully shot, and filled with great performances all around, and a fantastic riveting story. Watch it!

Rating – ★★★★★

My thoughts on Nocturnal Animals



From the very first minute and throughout the whole film, I was thoroughly enthralled. Nocturnal Animals is superbly filmed and along with the performances from the entire cast, riveting plot, and interesting characters, it’s one hell of a thrill ride. Another thing that I adored about this film other than the impeccable cinematography, phenomenal performances, and engrossing story was the soundtrack. In terms of what the story is about, all you’ll need to know is that it’s about an art gallery owner, played by the wonderful Amy Adams, who receives a book written by her ex-husband Jake Gyllenhaal.
In conclusion, Nocturnal Animals is a phenomenal film and one of the best films of the year! It has a very intriguing story that will keep you on the edge of your seat, incredible performances, exquisite cinematography, a fantastic score, and is masterly directed and written by Tom Ford. I highly recommend you to check this film out as it will definitely be spoken about when the Academy Awards near. Absolutely beautiful and entertaining.

Rating – ★★★★★

My thoughts on The Birth of a Nation



I really enjoyed this film! I thought that Nate Parker did a terrific job with his directorial debut as well as showing his acting and writing chops. The story is very engaging and compelling, it tells the story of a slave, Nat Turner, played by Nate Parker who leads a slave rebellion. As the film progresses, I never got bored at any point. I was completely engaged and I thought the film was really well paced. In terms of the supporting cast, they were all solid and mostly full of unknowns except for the guy from Preacher and Armie Hammer. In terms of the cinematography, I thought the film was very well shot. The soundtrack was also fantastic.
163101_szene_1.jpgIn conclusion, I thoroughly think that this was a very well crafted film, especially from a first time director. It’s a very thought provoking/riveting film that gives you insight into how slavery was during the 1800s, the story about Nat Turner and his rebellion and about the inhumane act of slavery/racism in general.

Rating – ★★★★

My thoughts on Don`t Breathe

Don't Breathe


I really enjoyed this film! It had everything you would want in a horror film! Great performances especially from Stephen Lang and Jane Levy, great cinematography, wonderful sound design and a very eerie score! All this combined together created such a tense and creepy filled atmosphere and one of the best films of the year!dbbAfter such a disappointing summer season, it was very refeshing to watch a great film. One of my favourite parts of the film happens when all the lights are out. The way that whole sequence of events was shot along with the sound design and the performances from the characters really raised the tension levels from 100% to 1000%. During this time as well as other times throughout watching the film, I was holding my breath just like the characters.db5 In conclusion, DONT BREATHE is a fantastic horror film that will keep you on the edge of your seat! It’s super fun/scary and if you love thrillers, this is really one to watch!

Rating – ★★★★

My thoughts on Suicide Squad



The chemistry between the team and the banter that they have with each other throughout the film is fantastic. Will Smith, Margot Robbie, and Jai Courtney did a terrific job with their characters. I thought Margot Robbie really captured the insanity of Harley Quinn and the character itself. Everything basically about the squad was great and fun.ss17I really liked Jared Leto as ‘The Joker’ but I wish he had more screen time since he was barely in the movie. I thought the way they setup Harley Quinn and The Joker’s relationship was done very well. The person who forms the squad, ‘Amanda Waller’ played by Viola Davis was terrific. I also liked the cameos with The Flash and Batfleck. Also, I  thought the action was great. In terms of the negatives, I found the soundtrack to be a bit jarring, dialogue being awful at times (especially during one scene with the villain), sloppy editing throughout, some questionable decisions by characters, and also some scenario’s that just didn’t make sense.ss44Despite the many problems of Suicide Squad, I still had lots of fun and enjoyed the film. It’s very entertaining and I highly recommend you watch this. It’s a very flawed movie but still worth watching.

Rating – ★★★

My thoughts on Star Trek Beyond



I thoroughly enjoyed this film! It has great humor, action, visuals, and also a great score! I wasn’t bored at all and I was invested from start to finish. I liked this movie more than Star Trek Into Darkness but I still think Star Trek (2009) is still the best out of the three in the new franchise. Simon Pegg (Writer) and Justin Lin (Director) did a phenomenal job with Beyond and I hope Pegg comes back to write the next S.T. film. I also wouldn’t mind Justin Lin coming back to direct another.stb4It was so much fun watching the crew interact with each other and also seeing the Enterprise in action. The performances from the whole cast was fantastic, especially new-comer Sofia Boutella, as Jaylah. The performance by Idris Elba, who plays the villain Krall, I thought was also quite good. Another thing I really enjoyed was the visuals, specifically of Yorktown. In terms of the negatives, I thought that some of the action  scenes were too clunky (shaky cam) but I enjoyed most of it.STAR TREK BEYONDIn conclusion, Star Trek Beyond was fantastic! It will make you laugh, and at times make you go on the edge of your seat! If you haven’t seen the previous films of the new Star Trek franchise (Star Trek (2009), Star Trek Into Darkness) you’ll still have a great time with Beyond but I highly recommend you watch them to further understand the characters relationships with one another and also understand a few more jokes more clearly.

I highly recommend you check this out.

Rating – ★★★★

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