My thoughts on Spectre


 “Better than QoS”

Before I talk about what I didn’t like about Spectre, let’s talk a bit about the positive stuff. The acting performances are fantastic! The whole cast did a terrific job and Daniel Craig shows us once again why he’s one of the best James Bond. The score is fantastic like always! The action sequences are great! Everything looks mesmerizing. This is one of the best shot bond films ever thanks to DiP Hoyte van Hoytema (Her, Interstellar, The Fighter).

Alright, now the stuff I didn’t like – I thought the story was a bit flat. The plot felt sloppy and the way it was told was all over the place. It wasn’t smooth storytelling. The pacing was off. The other disappointment I had was how some of the characters were introduced or utilized. With such a great cast, there was lots of unused potential, an example of this would be Christoph Waltz. The character development felt too rushed in my opinion.

Overall, I did not hate Spectre. It’s certainly not better than Casino Royale and Skyfall but its decent enough to see it in the theatre, especially if your a big James Bond fan.

Rating – ★★★


My thoughts on The Martian



If you like the science fiction genre, this is the movie for you. The Martian is about a manned mission to Mars in which Mark Watney (Matt Damon) is presumed dead after a fierce storm and left behind his crew. But Watney survives and finds himself stranded/alone on Mars. With only limited supplies, he must try and survive.

The script is brilliant. Without a good script, this movie I think wouldn’t have hit home the way it did. Drew Goddard made the film interesting, intelligent and hilarious. There are many scientific ideas in the movie that are actually logical and not bogus. Unlike other Sci-Fi movies, everything felt realistic. You believe all the stuff that happens and what Watney does in order to survive. The Martian is also very funny. There are several jokes throughout the film that make you laugh out loud. This movie could have been very boring, it’s a man on Mars, a planet with literally nothing but rock and sand. But, with Goddards script and Matt Damon’s performance, there’s not a dull moment.

In terms of the acting, everyone delivered especially Matt Damon as Mark Watney. Damon demonstrates his comedic chops and his dramatic acting capabilities. It takes a great performance to pull of a role of this calibur. Damon owns this role and transforms into his character. The supporting cast was awesome as well.

The cinematography and set designs were mesmerizing. The soundtrack I thought was wonderful and really meshed well with what was happening on screen. The Martian also suprisingly had a message “Don’t give up.” The story of a man being able to find humor in such a dire place knowing he could die if he makes one mistake. His perseverence and willpower to overcome not dieing on Mars and surviving was really inspiring to watch.

In conclusion, The Martian is one of the best Sci-Fi movies in years! Everything about this film is top-notch. The runtime is about 140 minutes and it goes by quickly. The pacing is on point and there are several scenes where your dieing of laughter or on the edge of your seat. The only thing I can think of that was bad is the runtime of the movie. Although the 140 minutes felt really quick to me, some people might think it’s slow at times. Alright to wrap this all up, The Martian is really incredible and it delivers all across the board! Do yourself a favour and watch this movie. You will laugh and will have a damn great time!

Rating –  ★★★★

My thoughts on Sicario


“Tense, Tough, Bleak and Riveting”

The film is about an FBI agent (Emily Blunt) enlisted by a government official to aid in a joint task force tracking down a drug lord at the border area between the U.S. and Mexico. It’s a very fascinating story and you really see the reality of the drug war.

I haven’t felt so tense watching a movie in ages. From start to finish the film was super intense. I started to feel uncomfortable watching because the film was so dark. Denis Villenueve really has a gift taking the most vile subjects and turning them into a masterpiece of cinema. With this film, Denis Villenueve proves once again why he is one of the best directors working today.


The whole cast gave a terrific performance especially Benicio Del Toro. Everyone transformed into their character. Emily Blunt I think gave her best performance in her career in this. Blunt’s character gets introduced to the most dire world she could possibly imagined. Awesome performances! Del Toro killed it!


The tension never stops. An attack could happen at any moment. Anything could be a trap. With this in mind you are left squirming in your seat and your eyes being glued to the screen. Villenueve manages scenes expertly to sustain the tension and thus you are in awe. I was on the edge of my seat the whole runtime. The atmosphere was extremely tense!

The cinematography is perfect. Roger Deakins does once again what he does – gorgeous/stellar cinematography. Another thing that’s fantastic is the soundtrack! The soundtrack is superb and really meshed well with what was on screen, especially while the action unfolds. With Deakins cinematography and a bone-chilling score, you can see why the tension was on point throughout the whole film.


All in all, this movie is a true example of tour-de-force filmmaking. Everything about this movie is on par! The realism in Sicario makes you wanna puke. Its dark, bloody, and so brutal. Villenueve doesn’t hold back and really shows you both sides of the war against drugs, American’s view and the brutal reality of the Mexican view.

“Sicario” is one of the best films of the year!

Rating – ★★★★★

My thoughts on Black Mass


“A fun ride”

Scott Cooper’s cream of the crop! Depp truly delivered in this film showing how Whitey Bulger (most infamous violent criminal in boston) unleashes his power and becomes a monster to be feared by all!

I really enjoyed this movie but it isn’t perfect. The cinematography is stunning! The soundtrack is great! The way the city of Boston was portrayed really showed how bleak and dangerous the city was at that time. In terms of the negative aspects, I think that the film is too slow at times and some characters were under utilized (Cumberbatch’s character and Joel Edgerton’s).

Now in terms of the acting, everyone I think did phenomenal! Johnny Depp’s portrayel as James “Whitey” Bulger is frightening and disturbing! Depp give’s one of his best performance’s of his career and really shows his versatility as an actor in this role. Amongst the supporting cast, everyone gave a fantastic performance but the highlight for me was Joel Edgerton. Joel Edgerton as John Connolly was astounding! He may have stole the show over Depp.

In conclusion, ‘Black Mass’ is a good crime drama! It has its flaws but none the less I think you will have a great time. It’s a fun ride but with some bumps along the way.

Rating – ★★★½

My thoughts on Legend


“Good, not great”

The story of the Kray twins is very interesting. Two identical twin gangsters Reggie/Ronnie Kray owning the east end london during the 50s/60s. There is so much you can tell about the twins, the stories are endless! Too bad, the film didn’t really focus more in depth about the Kray twins. The narrative could have been a little bit better, it felt too clunky.

The strength(s) of the film. without a doubt, it’s all about Tom Hardy. Tom Hardy’s performance as the Kray twins is fantastic. You completely forget that these two characters (Reggie/Ronnie Kray) are played by the same person. Hardy does a great job making both characters very different and exciting to watch. The soundtrack I thought was phenomenal.

In terms of the weaknesses of the film, I think the primary weakness is the pacing. It won’t keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the whole runtime and at times ‘Legend’ might seem a bit boring. The film drags a little in plaecs. Another weakness is Emily Browning’s character (Frances). I thought the character of Frances wasn’t really developed as it should be.

In conclusion, Legend is a good movie that I think everyone should see! It has it’s faults but Tom Hardy’s incredible performance is worth the ticket. The film could have been better but by all means what we got was not terrible. It’s a fun enjoyable ride with some rough bumps along the way.

Rating – ★★★

My thoughts on It Follows



“One of the best horror flicks of the year”

The film had a very simple premise (person is being followed by an entity after a sexual encounter) yet it was so engrossing and tense. The acting in this movie is phenomenal, especially Maika Monroe as the main character, Jay. All the characters did a great job. The acting wasn’t too over-the-top like in most horror films now-a-days. It felt natural and real and the characters were quite interesting.


The soundtrack was phenomenal! The soundtrack is very haunting and along with the gorgeous cinematography it created an incredible eerie atmosphere. I also really liked the pacing of the film.  There are some jump scares throughout the film but they work and they are not just there for the sake of it (for cheap scares).


it-follows-4000x2000-best-movies-of-2015-maika-monroe-6412 (1)

In conclusion, “It Follows” is one of my favourite horror films of all time! It hit all the right notes! Chilling cinematography, a bone-chilling soundtrack, and great performances especially by Maika Monroe! I highly recommend you check this one out!

Rating – ★★★★

My thoughts on Ex Machina


 “Electrifying, and Tense”

WOW! Alex Garland hit’s a home run with his directorial debut! Alex Garland hit all the right notes and he is definately one to look out for in the future.


The premise of the film is very simple and easy to follow – Caleb (Domhnall Gleeson) is a young man who works at a company called Bluebook, the worlds most popular search engine. Caleb wins the company contest to meet and visit the company’s CEO, Nathan (Oscar Isaac). Nathan and Caleb spend a week doing turing tests to an A.I. (Ava). The story is well executed throughout the film and there’s not a dull moment. Also, there are bits and pieces of humour in the film but it wasn’t forced/over the top.


The acting performances are amazing overall, especially Alicia Vikander, who plays the Ava, the Artificial Intelligence. Whenever you see Ava on screen, you don’t want to get your eyes off her. She’s undeniably seductive even though shes ‘not human’. Her precise movements make you really believe she is an A.I. Her performance alone was so mesmerizing and she embodies the character, literally. On top of that, Oscar Isaac’s character Nathan and Gleeson’s character Caleb are also very interesting and intriguing. Whenever the characters interact with each other, it’s so damn fascinating to watch!


In conclusion, the film was beautifully shot, brilliantly cast, and the script was intelligently written! The film is also very thought-provoking and really makes you doubt your own intellect and moral choices. It was a fantastically crafted film. You really see how much work Alex Garland put into this film and regardless if you enjoyed the film or not, you have to at least appreciate what Garland did, especially as a first time director.

Anyways, I highly recommend you check this out!

‘Ex Machina’ is one of my favourite films of the year!

Rating – ★★★★★

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